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Wodwo: From the Old English woodwose meaning a man of the woods

Going Wodwo follows Agrafena on her wanderings through the American landscape generations after the collapse of Western Civilization as we know it. Though life is scarce, many horrors of the old world remain. Will Agrafena find peace in the wastes, or will terror follow wherever she goes? Read on Tapas

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Issue no. 0: Changeling

Agrafena's isolated life is thrown into a tailspin by a creature that wears her face.

"A chilling vision of the post-apocalyptic horsegirl mindbreak radiation

death yuri world future"


-Lane "Ugly Girl Swag" Lincecum

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Issue no. 1: Place of Honor

Having survived her encounter with the Changeling, Agrafena sets out on her own. She stumbles upon a field of thorns, with ancient dangers locked away beneath it.

"It's like if Mad-Max was set in the midwest. And there were no cars. And Max was a goth lesbian" -Ari "Slicer" Mulch, Author

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Issue no. 2

Some Girls


By Mistake

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Agrafena recovers from her wounds under the care of a peculiar hospital staff. Dysfunctional sisters Heloise and Aloisa as her nurses, and the mysterious intimidating Doctor Skarzynski. Agrafena soon learns that the wounds of her body are the least of her worries. Specters of her past haunt her in her dreams, and in the shadows.

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